I am a certified Registered Massage Therapist as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher. 


I am committed to supporting all of my clients and other future therapists and yoga teachers in the advancement of their lives.


I help my clients and students to have more clarity within their lives so they may follow through with their goals and ideas.  By providing Yoga classes and Massage session, they are able to feel more centered and energized.


By combining my massage and yoga classes, I am able to teach people how to move and use their bodies so that they feel strong, powerful, graceful and connected. I teach in a way that respects each individual and my approach is that each yoga posture serves everyone differently.  I focus on proper alignment and movement and use inspirational and motivational language.


I share meditation practices so that each person can gain a sense of connection to self as well as receive inspiration as to the many possibilities that lay before them.


People leave my yoga classes and massages feeling grounded, centered, and empowered and looking forward to the next class or session.

I am also an Intuitive reader providing many people with guidance from their Guides, Angels and loved ones whom have crossed over.


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