"Going into my reading with Jenn I honestly had no idea what to expect to find out.  She allowed me to be as emotional and raw as I needed to be without judgement and helped reassure me that I needed to release those emotions in order to heal.  She connected in with me once we sat down and shortly after I felt a strong connection with loved ones who have passed on and listened to their messages coming through Jenn. She kept a very calm, friendly and warm atmosphere during the reading and helped me understand my life path and what I needed to focus on first.  I found out so much more about myself and have been listening to the advice I was given from the reading.  Jenn is absolutely amazing and was able to tell me everything that I needed to know.  After the session was over I felt so much relief wash over me and I now have a better focus on my life."

Ayla G. 

Jenn's readings are extremely accurate and insightful.  Within the reading she offers tangible steps and wisdom that may help one reach their goal or hearts desire.  In addition to the reading, Jenn also offers reiki to help clear up any blockages that may be standing in the way of one's desires.  She did this for me and I already feel a lot lighter.   The heaviness which was weighing me down has been lifted.  I had a distance Reiki session with Jenn.  Afterwards, she wrote detailed descriptions of what she saw during the process.  I highly recommend Jenn's services. 


"Jenn gives beautiful and uplifting readings and is such a warm and caring person"


"Jenn has been a great support. The readings have been very calming and interesting.  I really recommend it as they resonate and focus your attention to things that some would miss."


"I got a wonderful and interesting reading from Miss Jenn.  She is awesome and very caring when she does readings.  You can tell she really cares about her readings and the people she gives them too.  I recommend anyone looking for a reading should get one from her.  Thanks again Jenn."

Sheryl D

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